SHK Kit Zagreb

We are the first table hockey club in Croatia. We are situated in the west part of the capital of Croatia, Zagreb.

The name of our club is "Kit" or, in translation, "The Whale". "A whale?", one might ask. What does a whale have in common with a city on the continent? Well, many, many million years ago here once spread the Pannonian Sea; and on the exact place where our club comes from, in the part of the city called Podsused, to be precise, some bones of Pannonian whale were found, a whale later known as "Zagrebacki kit" - "Zagreb whale". Thus a whale became a home animal.
Our club is an association registered for the promotion of table hockey in Croatia.

All the questions concerning table hockey or our club are welcomed to: Vinobreška 15 Zagreb, 10090,Hrvatska Shk Kit Zagreb